Summer house. IBA Thüringen.

Chromosome House
The genetic code of a species is laid out in the chromosomes as a sequence of a limited number of basic building blocks, which are strung together in the DNA in different sequences. Following this principle, the chromosome house consists of functionally defined modules that can be combined with each other in many ways – based on the needs and expectations of the guests – and thus determine the size and character of the individual houses. By adding modules, various summer house standards can be created. Also individual houses can be linked to form larger units.

The pairwise arrangement of chromosomes that regularly occurs during cell division provides the template for the positioning of the buildings on the construction site. All houses are arranged in groups of two with the narrow side facing the water, so all houses have a direct view towards the reservoir. The space between the pairs of houses created by this rhythmisation and the bending of the buildings is designed with wooden decks and used as a communal lounge area for various outdoor activities. The open character of the immediate surroundings is also reflected in the planting: shade-giving individual trees on the decks are combined with meadow-like plantings around the decks and shade-tolerant climbers on the north-facing, closed house walls in each case.


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